On Sunday night, two United Hatzalah volunteers escorted a hospitalized grandmother from Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv to her granddaughter’s wedding in Caesarea. The grandmother had been hospitalized due to a chronic condition and was told that she would be unable to attend the wedding.  

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Maor Levi with the couple and the grandmother

The bride, however, was insistent that her grandmother make it to the wedding despite her being in the hospital and tried everything she could to make it happen. Eventually, the family reached out to one of United Hatzalah’s volunteers and asked for help. The volunteer reached out to Moshiko Moskowitz, United Hatzalah’s Director of Operations with a request to see if the organization could transport the grandmother to the wedding on one of the ambulances. The request would necessitate that the grandmother would be monitored throughout the event. Moshiko, after examining the case and receiving approval from the organization’s medical department, approved the transfer and assigned an ambulance crew made up of two special volunteers to undertake this incredible act of kindness.   


The grandmother was brought by the United Hatzalah ambulance to the wedding with the medical escort free of charge. The EMTs were with her for the entirety of her time at the wedding, including the wedding ceremony and the beginning of the meal where she enjoyed her time with family and friends.


Maor Levi, a United Hatzalah volunteer from Hadera, explained why he volunteered to bring the woman to the wedding. “I realized that she was suffering terribly in the hospital and if by taking her to celebrate the wedding of her granddaughter she would feel even a little bit better, it’ll all be worth it for me. With all the pain she goes through, it is impossible to remain indifferent and not make such a woman happy by fulfilling her and her granddaughter’s request.” Maor continues, “Part of the reason I joined United Hatzalah was to perform acts of kindness for others. Like taking a sick grandmother to her granddaughter’s wedding. I am always happy to help others even if it is with a project that is somewhat outside of the ordinary.”


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