On Tuesday night, 10 leading Israeli law firms participated in a charity basketball tournament designed to raise money for the purchase of an ambucycle (a motorcycle equipped with the same EMS equipment found on an ambulance) for United Hatzalah. The event, which was spearheaded by Attorney Jeremy Lustman, Head of DLA Piper Israel Group, was held at Hashalom Sports Center in Tel Aviv.

The 10 Israeli law firms participating in the tournament were: Arnon, Tadmor-Levi; Barnea & Co.; Gornitzky GNY & Co.; Goldfarb Seligman; Herzog; Naschitz, Brandes Amir Co.; Fischer (FBC); Furth, Wilensky, Mizrachi, Knaani – Law Offices | FWMK; S. Horowitz & Co; and Shibolet. Each firm donated toward the ambucycle and competed in the 4-on-4 tournament. Audience members included high-ranking members of the legal industry in Israel, in addition to United Hatzalah representatives.

The winner of the tournament was Gornitzky GNY, which defeated lawyers from S. Horowitz & Co. in the championship. Roi Kantor from Gornitzky GNY was crowned MVP of the tournament. The MVP trophy was presented by Tamir Goodman, the former Israeli-American basketball player who was selected for the list of the best 25 basketball players in the state of Maryland and was called the “Jewish Michael Jordan” by Sports Illustrated and ESPN’s basketball magazine.

The tournament raised NIS 150K to purchase an inter-city ambucycle for United Hatzalah, which will be used by volunteers of the organization throughout Tel Aviv and the surrounding area to save lives. A ceremony to dedicate the new ambucycle was held at the end of the evening. A spokesperson for United Hatzalah explained that the advantage of an ambucycle is that it reduces the amount of time it takes for a first responder to arrive and begin treating an injured or ill person. The vehicle assists in this process by allowing the responder to weave through traffic, especially in congested urban centers.

Attorney Jeremy Lustman, Head of DLA Piper Israel Group, said: “We are so proud to be spearheading this charity tournament for the second year and to provide the opportunity to showcase the generosity and partnership of the Israeli legal community. The ambucycle we collectively donated to United Hatzalah will truly save lives. I can’t think of any greater honor than to be involved in making that happen, especially right after Rosh Hashana.”

Eli Beer, President of United Hatzalah said: “This is the second year that DLA Piper is holding this tournament in support of United Hatzalah’s lifesaving efforts. I want to thank all the firms and players participating, and especially Attorney Jeremy Lustman for making this happen. At this time of year, we are in the middle of the High Holy Days, where people spend time reflecting on their actions and where we pray that we are all written in the Book of Life. The ambucycle that was donated from the funds raised in this tournament will help save more lives in Israel and there is no greater blessing than that. Jeremy and all of the firms with DLA Piper have become true partners not only in law but also in lifesaving.”