On Sunday evening in Rishon LeZion, a groom broke more than the glass under the chuppah during his wedding in the Rose Garden wedding hall. 

The groom sustained a serious injury to his leg when he followed the traditional Jewish custom of breaking the glass under the Chuppah in order to remember the destruction of the second Temple in Jerusalem.
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The groom after being released from the hospital

United Hatzalah volunteer EMTs and ambulance team who were called to the scene, treated the man for his injury, and transported him to the hospital. The ambulance team even stuck around at the hospital to transport him back to his wedding after he received treatment. 
 United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Baruch Greenwald who responded to the incident related: “When I arrived at the scene I treated the groom and then I called United Hatzalah’s dispatch center and told them about the sensitivity surrounding the issue. They sent an ambulance to bring the groom to Kaplan hospital and called the emergency room in the hospital to see if they could expedite the groom’s treatment so that we could get him back to his wedding.”
Moshe Indig who was one of the ambulance team members said: “This was a very special incident and it filled my heart with joy to be able to help get this groom back to his wedding as quickly as possible after treating him. It is a big mitzvah to make a bride and groom happy on their wedding day. We arrived quickly, transported the groom to Kaplan Hospital to receive treatment, and we promised the new bride that we would bring him back as quickly as we could. The groom was rushed into the E.R. and treated quickly and then released back to us who waited for him. Once he was released we rushed him back to the wedding as hastily as we could so that he could continue to celebrate.”
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