One recent evening United Hatzalah volunteer Meidan Ben Yoash provided medical coverage during a football game in Ashdod. After the game, Meidan was headed home on his ambucycle when the organization’s dispatch alerted him to a road accident at the upcoming junction. Meidan immediately flipped on his siren and arrived at the scene within seconds.

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Meidan with his son at a game earlier this year

When he arrived at the accident he found a car had overturned after the driver lost control of the wheel. As he looked around he found one of the passengers lying on the asphalt. The passenger had been thrown from the vehicle and had suffered numerous injuries. Meidan approached the man and saw that the woman’s injuries were bleeding profusely. Meidan grabbed his medical kit and proceeded to bandage the woman’s wounds and treated her other injuries. He affixed a neck brace and stabilized her for emergency transportation to the hospital. Shortly thereafter, an ambulance arrived and whisked her to the nearest hospital.

After treating the severely injured woman, Meidan proceeded to treat two other victims who had both sustained some minor injuries in the accident. After giving them the care that they needed, and bandaging them as well, they too were evacuated for further treatment.

“Given the severity of the impact, this woman is lucky to be alive,” said Meidan. “It’s lucky that I happened to be nearby on my ambucycle with all the medical tools and resources I needed to treat her. I’m just glad to have been there in the first critical moments to stabilize her”.

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