Israel’s Health Ministry called upon United Hatzalah today to enlist the organization’s help in the national fight against COVID-19, known as coronavirus. The Ministry has asked United Hatzalah to utilize its fleet of ambulances and network of first responders to transport coronavirus patients who are in light condition to and from hospitals and centers where patients are being cared for, such as the newly termed “corona-hotels” in Tel Aviv. 

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United Hatzalah ambulance team transferring a Corona patient from the hospital to a local quarantine shelter

United Hatzalah immediately dispatched its ambulance fleet, consisting of some 30 ambulances, to begin transporting patients. The organization’s volunteer ambulance crews responded rapidly to the call and were provided with full protective suits to wear while transporting patients. 


Each ambulance is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after a patient is transported. 

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Vice President of Operations for United Hatzalah, Dov Maisel, said: “We are proud to answer the call of the Health Ministry and provide this essential service in the fight against the coronavirus. Our volunteers, who number more than 6,000 people, have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to take a more formal role in the battle the country is currently waging. All of our volunteers have been briefed and are aware of the risks involved. Being the true heroes that they are, they are volunteering in droves to participate in the project.”

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Maisel added: “The level of care that United Hatzalah provides is second to none and each and every one of the patients we transport can expect to receive the highest level of care possible. In just a few hours this afternoon, we have transported nearly a dozen patients and look forward to assisting the Health Ministry moving forward. Whether the need be corona-related or a general medical emergency, our volunteers and ambulance teams are at the ready, fully equipped and prepared to handle any emergency.” 

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