On Monday evening, a man in Herzliya was badly injured in an act of violence that took place on Ben Gurion Boulevard, the man suffered 5 gunshot wounds to his torso and legs. United Hatzalah’s Dispatch and Command Center alerted nearby EMTs and other first responders to the incident. 

Roni Sela, Head of United Hatzalah’s Mishor Hahof branch, was at home when he received the alert. Roni immediately rushed out jumped into an organizational fly car and sped to the scene. As he arrived he found the injured man laying on the ground in a pool of blood. Roni approached him to take vital signs and saw that the man had begun to lose his normal color and was turning blue due to a lack of oxygenated blood being circulated through his system. He was suffering from hypoxia due to blood loss. 

Roni started dressing the man’s wounds when another volunteer named Binyamin Scharf arrived at the scene on his electrical bike and joined Roni’s efforts to save the man’s life.

Roni and Binyamin together with other EMTs and Paramedics who arrived at the scene dressed the man’s wounds opened an IV line and provided him with assisted ventilation.

Binyamin Scharf 1 3
Binyamin Scharf

 A few minutes later an ambulance arrived and the pair of EMTs helped put the man on a backboard and load him into the ambulance in serious but now stable condition.  The man was taken to a nearby hospital for further treatment and care.  

Roni recounted after the incident; ‘’We arrive at many emergencies where there are numerous factors at play that can cause us to lose hope, but we always stay focused and go above and beyond to save the injured person’s life. It’s not easy being an EMT, going out to the field and witnessing scenes of violence such as this is never easy. However, with the training that we receive and the right amount of self-care, our EMTs are successful in dealing with these types of scenarios and continue to perform in an exemplary manner. Our mission is to save as many lives as we can in as short a time as possible, and that is what we did today.’’

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