This past Friday, an intense collision occurred near Tel Tzion. One of the vehicles involved was a large passenger van for intercity commuters. Both drivers were furious with one another, blaming the other for what had occurred; the men quickly pulled their vehicles over and got into a heated exchange. Within seconds, a violent fist fight had ensued.

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Yisrael Malul, a United Hatzalah volunteer EMT and ambucycle driver raced to the scene. He had just left his house and hopped on his ambucycle when he noticed events unfolding up ahead. He witnessed as the passenger van began rolling off unattended. The altercation ended abruptly when the driver was crushed by his own vehicle against an adjacent metal pole. The van then continued on, picking up speed as it rolled away.

With no time for plan B, Yisrael raced toward the scene on your swift ambucycle. He pulled up alongside the moving vehicle and used all strength to yank on the heavy door. The heroic EMT succeeded in forcing entry, in order to bring the rolling van to a halt and prevent further injury.

Yisrael then called for an ambulance, as he darted back to the injured driver. The 42 year-old man had sustained significant injuries to his lower back when the vehicle crushed him against the metal. He lay on the ground screaming in agony, bleeding from his wounds. Yisrael calmed the victim, treated the injury site and then took the man’s vitals. When the ambulance arrived, Yisrael assisted as the now-stabilized man was immobilized on a backboard and transferred for rapid transport to the trauma center.

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