Throughout the year 2020, United Hatzalah has been at the forefront of providing a medical and humanitarian response to people in need during the Covid-19 crisis in Israel. The magnitude of this response was made possible in part by the generosity of the Inbar & Marius Nacht Family Foundation.

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United Hatzalah volunteers supplying oxygen – illustration

In addition to assisting the organization in providing emergency medical services over the year, The Foundation helped initiate and finance the creation of United Hatzalah’s national humanitarian dispatch center that responded to more than 41,000 humanitarian distress calls during the first wave of the Coronavirus.


In order to answer the current growing need, The Foundation is joining forces once again with United Hatzalah to launch a year-end campaign to replenish the supply of oxygen tanks, which have been depleted over the course of the Covid-19 crisis.


United Hatzalah, an organization that provides all of its services free of charge, urgently needs to refill its oxygen supply and restock the more than 6,000 oxygen tanks that are being used by its network of volunteers and ambulance fleet throughout the country on a daily basis.


“Providing oxygen is one of the most essential roles of a medical first responder,” said President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer. “It is often the first treatment administered at the scene of an emergency and can literally mean the difference between life and death. Our volunteers respond to an average of more than 1,800 medical emergencies each day, and last year they used oxygen at 70 percent of all lifesaving emergencies that were caused by respiratory or cardiac complications. We are deeply thankful to Inbar & Marius Nacht for their partnership and initiatives.”


CEO of Nacht Philanthropic Ventures, Nachman Rosenberg said: “This initiative is in memory of Inbar’s father, Gideon Weiss z”l, who passed away this past month. Gideon Weiss z”l was a Holocaust survivor who, as a young boy, escaped Nazi-controlled Romania and immigrated to Israel under British rule. He later served as an officer in the IDF paratroopers unit and was almost killed during the Six-Day War, while fighting on the Syrian border. Later in his life, he served in the Israeli Police,  as a senior officer for hundreds of Civil Guard volunteers. Gideon z”l was a deeply dedicated husband, father, and grandfather, who was loved by all and will be dearly missed. Like thousands of Israelis, he too benefited from the compassionate care of United Hatzalah volunteers during his life”


United Hatzalah also wished to thank Rabbi Erica Gerson and United Hatzalah Chairman Mark Gerson for the generous support of the matching grant initiative for the Oxygen campaign.


To support the oxygen campaign please go to this website: