When rockets are falling and Jews are under attack, some people feel helpless and despondent. Not the residents of Beit Tovei Ha’ir retirement community in Jerusalem. Since the first rockets were launched from Gaza, the Tehilim group met daily, but that was not enough. A group of residents decided to raise money for United Hatzalah, one of Israel’s leading emergency medical service organizations.

Hatzolah Presentation at Beit Tovei Hair 1024x667 2
Eli Beer, Yonaton Atkin, and Tovei Ha’ir CEO Mr. Emanuel Globerman at the dedication of the e-bike

Within just one week, the residents and their friends had raised tens of thousands of shekels for a rapid response electronic bicycle (e-bike), together with a full supply of medical first aid equipment, a jacket, and helmet for the volunteer medic, and three years insurance. Eli Beer, CEO of United Hatzalah for Israel, came to Beit Tovei Ha’ir to collect the check and demonstrate the bicycle.

He said: “Our electric bikes are uniquely suited for crowded areas like the Old City of Jerusalem, or for reaching injured people in open areas where the roads are unpaved. They enable our volunteers to quickly respond to emergencies that are difficult for our ambulances and ambucycles to reach, and they carry almost all the same equipment, including emergency oxygen.”

Tovei Ha’ir CEO Mr. Emanuel Globerman presented the check from the residents, together with a matching funds donation from the management to cover the cost of the e-bike. “At Beit Tovei Ha’ir we feel deeply connected to the fate of our nation. We all have family throughout Israel, and we are davening constantly for their safety and for the success of our security forces, police, and fire services. We discussed what else we could do to contribute, and came up with the idea of raising funds for life-saving equipment for United Hatzalah. We are proud to play our part in helping to protect Klal Yisrael at this difficult time.”

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Mr. Globermen presenting Eli Beer with the check for the donation

Beit Tovei Ha’ir is Jerusalem’s leading Torani retirement community, located in the Geulah neighborhood. 70% of its residents are English-speakers who have either lived in Israel for many years or made Aliyah directly to Beit Tovei Ha’ir. They enjoy an active social life in deluxe surroundings, with a full program of social events and learning opportunities, expert in-house medical services, a separate gym and swimming pool, Beit Midrash, and mehadrin dining facilities. https://www.tovei.co.il/en/

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