A week ago, an emergency call came in to United Hatzalah’s Dispatch center regarding a man in need of medical assistance on Hamgshimim Street in Petach Tikvah. United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Shimi Ezer from Elad, was the first responder to arrive at the scene. Shimi’s office is right near where the incident took place. Shimi saw a man in critical condition who was pulseless and not breathing.

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The rescuers and the rescuee

Shimi immediately asked the organization’s dispatch center for backup and additional responders. He began CPR protocol as other volunteers from the surrounding area began to arrive.


Benzi Eisenman, Deputy Chief Paramedic of the organization was one of the other responders to arrive. “When I arrived at the scene a short time after receiving the alert about the incident, I was working together with other EMS personnel at the scene and providing advanced life support to the unconscious individual that included electrical shocks from a defibrillator (AED), intravenous medical intervention, and assisted breathing through intubation. We worked tirelessly until the man’s pulse and breathing returned and then we transported him via ambulance to the hospital.”


A few days later, Attorney Shai Jaskin woke up in the hospital. After hearing the story of his survival from his physicians, Jaskin wanted to thank the volunteers of United Hatzalah who responded so quickly and saved his life. Upon hearing of the invitation, the first responders came to the hospital to visit Jaskin.


“I wish to thank all of the EMS volunteers of United Hatzalah who saved my life,” Jaskin told reporters. “I am feeling overwhelmed with joy and I will now begin celebrating two birthdays in years to come.”


Chapter head of United Hatzalah in Petach Tikvah Avi Meirah summarized the incident by saying: “There is no doubt that Jaskin’s life was saved that day due to the quick response of the volunteers at the scene. The quality care he received in the time when he received it was thanks to our volunteers receiving the emergency alert in a timely fashion and rushing to Jaskin’s aid. Stories like this, and the hundreds of other rescues that our volunteers do on a daily basis is why we are here.”