On Wednesday evening, just after 5:00 p.m., United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Dr. Yonatan Ben-Nur was driving his ambucycle near his house at the entrance of the town Nitzan when he received an emergency alert in the neighboring town of Nitzanim. A 3-year-old boy had drowned in the local swimming pool. As the lifeguard pulled the child out of the water and began CPR, a swimmer called United Hatzalah’s Dispatch and Command Center.

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The scene from the pool

Dr. Yonatan sped over on his ambucycle but ran into many blocked roads due to construction on the train tracks that is currently taking place near the entrance of Nitzanim. The EMT had to maneuver through the side roads and find a way into the town. After successfully entering Nitzanim, Dr. Yonatan searched for signs directing to the local pool when a man ran out into the street and directed him to the location.

As Dr. Yonatan reached for his medical bag in the back of his ambucycle, the stranger tried carrying it for him, urging Dr. Yonatan that there was no time to waste and that no one knows how long the child had been underwater.

Dr. Yonatan and the man entered the pool area and found the 3-year-old semi-conscious in his father’s arms. Dr. Yonatan thanked the lifeguard for his efforts as he checked the child’s vitals. The child was breathing normally, despite being semi-conscious, and had a pulse as well. After assessing that the child’s airway was not blocked, and he was in stable condition, Dr. Yonatan calmed the father as they waited for the ambulance.

After a few minutes, as Dr. Yonatan monitored the child’s condition and level of consciousness, an ambulance arrived at the scene and the child and his father were taken to Assuta hospital in Be’er Sheva for further observation.

“There are not many volunteers in the area, and so when I had a difficult time navigating the streets, I was worried for the child,” said Dr. Yonatan. “In incidents of drowning, time is crucial, especially when we do not know how long the child was underwater. I was very glad to see that the lifeguard did a good job in stabilizing the child’s condition, and I’m glad that he is now safe.”

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