Jerusalem’s Old City witnessed a heartwarming and meticulously planned marriage proposal last week as Alon Paz, who is fully paralyzed and reliant on ventilation to breathe, proposed to his girlfriend thanks to the assistance of a United Hatzalah intensive care ambulance team.

The heartfelt ceremony took place last Tuesday in the square of the historic Hurva Synagogue in Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter.

Alon cannot recall the exact details of the terrible moment when he suffered a severe car accident while on his way to meet a friend in Netanya. The vehicle he was driving collided with a concrete partition wall, leaving him paralyzed and unable to move anything from the neck down.

For many years, Alon, who was a very active person prior to the accident, has not been able to leave his home aside from the occasional excursions that United Hatzalah’s ‘ambulance of dreams’ takes him on every few months. Recently, Alon approached the organization with a special request. He asked if they could help him plan a special excursion that would include him proposing to his long-time girlfriend in the old city of Jerusalem.

The emotional journey began in the morning, as Alon and the team of volunteers, including paramedics and EMTS, visited his mother’s grave. From there, they proceeded to the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron and Rachel’s Tomb in Beit Lehem. Meanwhile, teams from the logistics and operations departments of United Hatzalah worked tirelessly to set up the square in the old city in order to fulfill Alon’s dream proposal.

Gradually, curious passers-by started to gather around the red carpet, adorned with a large sign, in the square next to the Hurva Synagogue awaiting the moment when the proposal would take place.

A short time later, the intensive care ambulance pulled up at the nearby parking lot in the old city and Alon was transported to the square in the ambulance bed. The team carefully transferred Alon’s bed and the ventilator from the ambulance, with his girlfriend standing beside him. Finally, the spectacular sight was revealed before her eyes.

As the music began playing softly in the background, confetti filled the air, and the medical team guided the bed down the red carpet, Alon held the special ring he had purchased, mustered his courage, and proposed. Without hesitation, she joyfully responded with a resounding “Yes.”

The gathering crowd came forward to offer their congratulations to the happy couple, and minutes of joyous dancing ensued.

Alon spoke about his constant fight to maintain optimism with his condition. “ If a person wants something, they have to fight for it. The Creator of the World will hear and the Creator of the world won’t say no… I love life and I want to continue my life. I want to establish a home, a Jewish home, a warm home, a kosher home, a home according to the Torah of Moshe and Yisrael.”

Alon’s fiance, Yaffit, thanked the organization profusely for their efforts on Alon’s behalf and in making the proposal as special as it was. “The whole thing was really terrific. I want to thank everyone who was involved in this, and who participated and brought us joy. Thank you so much.”