On Monday afternoon, around 4:00 PM, a 72-year-old man suffered a cardiac arrest at his home on Ma’alot Hasson Street in Ma’alot-Tarshiha. Concerned family members immediately called for medical assistance.

Baruch Michaeli, a volunteer paramedic with United Hatzalah, received an alert about the incident and quickly responded. He arrived at the scene within a few minutes, shortly after Eran Binyamini, another volunteer EMT from United Hatzalah who was the first responder.

Upon arrival, they discovered the man unconscious, not breathing, and without a pulse. Eran immediately began performing chest compressions while Baruch prepared the defibrillator. Baruch then administered assisted ventilation using a bag valve mask. They delivered four electrical shocks in between the cycles of chest compressions.

With the arrival of additional first responders and a mobile intensive care unit, the team continued their efforts until the patient regained breathing and a pulse. Subsequently, the patient was transported to the hospital for further medical attention.

Reflecting on the incident, Baruch shared, “I have been volunteering in my community since 1983. I completed the EMT course seven years ago, and I have never felt more fulfilled than in moments like these. Being in the medical field is a God-given mission for me, a privilege rather than an obligation. I am grateful to be able to offer my assistance and pray for the well-being of every person we help.”

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