’You are real godly angels, you saved my life!!”

Those were the emotional words of *Shmuel, during an emotional meetup that took place on Saturday evening when he was reunited with the EMTs who saved his life a week ago. The meetup took place in Mayanei Hayeshua Hospital after Shmuel had begun his road to recovery and regained full consciousness after suffering a cardiac arrest last week while riding a bus on Kahaneman Street in Bnei Brak. Immediately after Shmuel collapsed, Fast-acting United Hatzlah EMTs in Bnei Brak sprung into action and performed a successful CPR on Shmuel saving his life.

The emergency occurred in front of a United Hatzalah EMT volunteer who immediately alerted the organization’s Dispatch and Command Center and requested that additional volunteers be sent to assist as he began performing CPR on Shmuel.

When the next volunteer EMT arrived the pair took Shmuel off of the bus and continued CPR on the sidewalk. A defibrillator was attached and after a short period of time, Shmuel’s pulse returned and he was stable enough to be transported to the hospital for continuing care.

The CPR in progress on Kahaneman Street in Bnei Brak 1017x1024 1
The CPR in progress on Kahaneman Street in Bnei Brak

Shmuel regained full consciousness on Friday and asked when he heard the story of what happened, he asked to meet the EMTs who rescued him. On Saturday night, the joyful reunion took place.

United Hatzalah volunteer EMTs Yechiel Miller, Gedaliah Waldman, Yisrael Slav, and Eliyahu Tzarfati, along with the Bnei Brak Chapter Head of United Hatzalah Efraim Feldman came to visit Shmuel in the hospital. Shmuel, together with his family, thanked the volunteers for their dedicated efforts, quick actions, and high level of care that resulted in his life being saved.

Over the course of the meetup, Shmuel’s family members expressed their will to take a part in the organization’s life-saving activities by donating a new defibrillator that will assist the volunteers in saving more lives. Shmuel was moved to tears and told the volunteers, “‘You are real godly angels, you saved my life!!”


*The name of the patient has been changed in order to protect his identity.

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