Last week Tuesday, Itai Shukrun, a healthy 35 -year-old from Kiryat Atta with no previous cardiac issues, suddenly collapsed at home. Worried family members called United Hatzalah emergency services and the organization’s Dispatch and Command Center sent an alert to the closest responders in Itai’s vicinity.

United Hatzalah ambucycle volunteer Yisrael Menachem, raced to the location and was the first responder to arrive at the scene in just a few moments. Menachem immediately recognized that Itai had no pulse and was not breathing. Without losing a moment, he attached a defibrillator and began chest compressions. Itai received numerous shocks from the defibrillator while Menachem continued with a full-scale CPR as other volunteers arrived to join the effort.

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The United Hatzalah volunteers who responded to save Itai meet with him and his family once again.

A mobile intensive care ambulance team came sometime later and joined the fight to save Itai’s life. Itai was transported in critical condition to Rambam medical center in Haifa where he underwent continuing treatment. Towards the end of the week, Itai awoke and was doing so well that he was released from the hospital.

On Monday, the United hatzalah volunteers who fought to save his life were invited by Itai and his family for a moving and emotional reunion, during which, the volunteers told Itai how the drama unfolded from their perspective. Itai and his family expressed their gratitude to the volunteers for their help in saving Itai’s life.

Carmel region chapter head of United Hatzalah, Naftali Rotenberg, said: “Our volunteers, like their brethren throughout the country, provide emergency medical first response care that saves lives. This takes place all year long, each and every day. Thankfully, in this instance as well, we are able to have taken part in saving the life of this young man due to the quick and response of our volunteers and the expert level of care that they provided. We were overwhelmed with joy to meet Itai and his family once again after he was released from the hospital with a clean bill of health. We wish him and his family a full recovery and only the best of health.”