In a moving ceremony on Monday afternoon in Moshav Mishmar HaShiva, a new emergency medical service vehicle was dedicated in honor of fallen Yamam (Counterterrorism) officer and United Hatzalah volunteer paramedic Noam Raz. The vehicle, a special “mini-lance”, is an electric vehicle that will be used to provide emergency medical response in the Sdot Dan region, where Moshav Mishmar HaShiva is located.

Special attendees at the ceremony included Efrat Raz, the bereaved wife of Noam, as well as Noam’s mother. Also in attendance was the Police Commissioner, Inspector General Yaakov Shabtai, CEO of United Hatzalah Eli Pollack, as well as members of Knesset David Amsalem, David Bitton, Itamar Ben Gvir, Yariv Levin, and Idit Silman. Likewise, Border Police Commander Amir Cohen and the commander of the police southern command Hachshon Nagler as well as others.

Police Comissioner Yaakov Kobi Shabtai addresses the audience at the dedication ceremony in Moshav Mishmar HaShiva 1024x682 1
Police Comissioner Yaakov (Kobi) Shabtai addresses the audience at the dedication ceremony in Moshav Mishmar HaShiva.

Shefi Sason donated the vehicle in honor of his birthday and dedicated the vehicle in memory of Noam Raz, who served as a volunteer paramedic for United Hatzalah and an officer in the Yamam unit for many years. Noam was killed in the line of duty while serving in Jenin nearly half a year ago. The memory of the dedicated volunteer, who gave so much of himself to help others, will be remembered during all of the lifesaving work conducted with the new vehicle that bears his name.

The “minilance”, which includes a full complement of medical supplies found in a full-size ambulance, is a unique electric vehicle that can smoothly cut through traffic, narrow pathways, and congested city centers.

The vehicle joins the volunteer training center located in the town of Adei Ad in the Binyamin region which was also dedicated in honor of Noam.