By – Devo Klein

One Shabbat afternoon at 3 pm, David Badar was enjoying an afternoon nap when he awoke to the buzzing of his United Hatzalah communication device. The dispatch was alerting him to a child who had sustained a serious injury in his vicinity. David instantly got up, rushed outside, jumped on his ambucycle and headed to the location. 

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David Badar on his ambucycle

The incident had occurred at a local park adjacent to a small petting zoo. Within minutes, David arrived and noticed a crowd of children and some adults who looked shaken. The EMT quickly located the injured child. The boy had just visited the petting zoo with his friends for a Shabbat outing when a vicious rottweiler got loose and attacked the 8-year-old. As David was doing an overview of the child’s injuries he discovered 19 different bite marks on the child’s body, causing serious wounds on his ear and shoulder.


The experienced EMT began bandaging the injured areas while attempting to calm the traumatized boy until his mother and the ambulance were able to arrive. 


It took another 10 minutes for the ambulance to arrive. When it finally did, David briefed the crew and accompanied the patient and his mother to the vehicle for transport to the Schneider’s Children’s Hospital in Petah Tikvah.


A week later, David and his fellow EMT contacted the boy’s parents and discovered that he had undergone a number of operations and was released from the hospital a few days after the incident. The boy still needed to undergo follow up medical care and rehabilitation. 


The boy’s parents expressed their gratitude to David. They told him that their son experienced a miracle that he hadn’t been more seriously injured and that because of David’s quick response, he was able to recover from the incident. 


“I’ve been volunteering as an EMT since I was 16. I’m now 32, but this is a story that I won’t ever forget.” David explained. “Saving someone else’s life changes you as a person, and I haven’t been the same since I rescued the young child from the zoo. When I went home that day, my face was radiant. It gave me a feeling of satisfaction that I have never felt before.”


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