A Palestinian man working at a Mishor Adumim factory suffered a sudden cardiac arrest on Thursday morning. Fellow employees who witnessed the 60-year-old worker collapse immediately called for assistance.

United Hatzalah EMTs Yakov Liberman and Arye Weiss, both ultra-Orthodox Jews working at a nearby catering business, were alerted to the call on their communications devices and quickly responded to the scene, arriving within two minutes.

The EMTs found the worker lying unconscious, without a pulse or breathing. Liberman initiated CPR, while Weiss connected the patient to the defibrillator and delivered an electric shock. Weiss then provided the patient with assisted ventilation. They alternated roles, maintaining continuous efforts to revive the patient.

Additional responders joined in, and soon after, the Advanced Life Support ambulance arrived. Paramedics attached a heart monitor to the patient and administered medications, while the EMTs continued CPR. The collective efforts of the emergency teams spanned over 35 minutes, resulting in the restoration of the patient’s pulse. The patient was promptly transported to the hospital for further care.

Reflecting on the incident, Yakov Liberman shared, “The feeling of dropping everything to help and save a life, whether it’s work, family time, Shabbat, or holidays, is incredibly rewarding. It doesn’t matter whether the patient is Israeli or Palestinian, religious or secular. Saving any life gives you the motivation to continue to respond to emergencies, even in adverse weather conditions or in the middle of the night.”