On Monday, at 3:58 PM, Tom Eisenman​, who works as the Director of Business Development for Cause Match Israel, was sitting in the company’s Jerusalem office. He was preparing for a 4 PM Zoom meeting with a new prospective client in the U.K. The office is located on Agrippas Street, a busy thoroughfare that serves as one of the main roads for public transportation through the downtown corridor. 

Tom and other responders at the scene

All of sudden, Tom heard a horrible cry from the street below. He peeked out the window and saw a 5-year-old boy had been run over by a bus.


Tom who volunteers as a United Hatzalah EMT, immediately sprung into action. He grabbed Moshe Schieber​, a Cause Match Israel salesman who is also a United Hatzalah volunteer EMT, and together they rushed out to help the boy. 


Within 20 seconds, Moshe and Tom were on the scene. As Moshe started to administer first aid on the boy’s injured leg, Tom ran down the block to his parked car and grabbed his medical kit. 

Tom, running the entire way in both directions, quickly returned with the kit, and pulled out a number of personal bandages. The pair of EMTs staunched the bleeding and wrapped the boy’s leg as other volunteers began to arrive. Moshe and Tom stabilized the boy and stopped the bleeding before the ambulance arrived. When it made its way to the scene, Tom and Moshe assisted in loading their now stable young patient onto the ambulance so that he could be rushed to the ER.


Tom and Moshe’s company, Cause Match Israel, issued a statement on the Facebook page expressing their proud support for the actions of their staff members. “Cause Match Israel – helping people isn’t just our business model. It’s our way of life!”

Bus at the scene on Agrippas Street

Tom finally returned to his office, took a minute to clean up, and then got on his Zoom meeting with the prospective client. One of his staff had explained to them why Tom was late, and Tom was greeted with understanding and support for his actions by those he was supposed to meet with a few minutes prior. 


“The explanation of why I was late, actually served as a great ice breaker for the meeting and showed a really human side of both myself and the company I work for,” Tom said. “They were very understanding and even wished the boy well. Hopefully, we’ll be able to close the deal with their non-profit organization and help them too.”


Tom added, “I really love volunteering with United Hatzalah and having the knowledge and tools necessary to help others. This ethos goes beyond just me, as my wife and two of my brothers also volunteer as first responders with the organization. Having the equipment nearby certainly helped save this boy on Monday. It is important to keep it close by and it is important to be in good shape so that you can run when you need to, in order to help as quickly as possible.” 


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