Friends of United Hatzalah of Israel launches its first-ever virtual run/walk/race to help people stay connected to each other while supporting the lifesaving efforts of EMS volunteers in Israel. 

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Running in Beit Shemesh


On August 16th, United Hatzalah is holding its first-ever virtual 5K for lifesaving, a campaign designed to help people stay active and come together during this time of uncertainty. With many activities canceled or postponed indefinitely, this is a difficult time for people to stay active and connected with one another. Friends of United Hatzalah designed the race to connect people from all over the globe, each in their own communities, even while adhering to social distancing regulations. 

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Running in Beit Shemesh

More than 500 people from around the globe are participating in the race and collectively raised more than $300,000. In addition, 60 volunteers from the organization are also participating and assisted in raising money and are running the 5k. All proceeds from the campaign will go directly to support the work of EMS volunteers of United Hatzalah of Israel in assisting Israelis amid the current Covid-19 crisis that is seeing its highest numbers of infections thus far.  

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Running in Mevaseret

In addition to its regular EMS services, all of which are provided completely free of charge, United Hatzalah has been at the heart of the battle against Covid-19 transferring ill patients to quarantine “Corona Hotels”, conducting Covid-19 testing in partnership with the HMO Macabbi, and responding to Covid-19 related emergencies. 

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Running in Efrat

Participants in the race registered on a special website as an individual or as part of a team. Each participant received a race kit that contained an exclusive race shirt, a protective face mask, wristband, and a personalized letter from the organization thanking them for their support. In addition, personalized coaching emails and videos were shared with all of the runners. 

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Running in England

While participating, Friends of United Hatzalah is encouraging participants to share their inspiration with friends and loved ones by posting photos and the take of themselves and using the hashtag  #RaceToSaveLives. Runners are also asked to use the Strava App and join the same running club so that they could stay up to date with one another and encourage one another during training and the race. 

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Running in New Jersey


President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer spoke about the race. “A lot of people want to help one another right now. There is a lot of personal uncertainty and a lot of economic uncertainty. But friends, family, and neighbors, are looking for some way to help support each other and Israel. Without access to major fundraising opportunities, United Hatzalah’s race to save lives 5k allows for those who can give something, regardless of the size of the donation, an easy and accessible method of showing their support for their friends, neighbors, and Israel all at the same time. All that is needed are a pair of sneakers and the desire to help make a difference. After my run-in with Corona, I can say that getting outside is great for your physical, mental, and emotional health. We have people running in France, the United Kingdom, the U.S., Canada, Israel, and other counties as well. I am running today and I invite you all to join me to help us keep saving lives in this uncertain time.” 

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