My name is Daniel Malka, and I am a volunteer EMT and the deputy head of the Maalot branch of United Hatzalah. On Monday morning, our team at United Hatzalah received a distress call regarding a motor vehicle accident. However, the location, next to Nahal Kziv, hinted at the possibility of rugged terrain, prompting some of our volunteers to deploy our all-terrain vehicle (ATV) to the scene.

Initially, we struggled to locate the accident site despite the provided address. It was at that moment when one of our dedicated volunteers decided to take the ATV into the nearby stream to conduct a thorough search. And there, amidst the challenging terrain, lay a truck that had apparently fallen down into the stream while carrying pumps. The driver was in moderate condition, exhibiting facial contusions, bleeding from the nose, mouth, and jaw area, as well as contusions on the chest and legs.

Quickly springing into action, our team began providing immediate medical attention to the injured truck driver. We prioritized addressing the bleeding, administering appropriate bandaging, and immobilizing the affected areas. Given the precarious location, we utilized the winch of the ATV to ensure the patient’s safety and prevent any further descent into the wadi, as well as bring back the patient to the road.

Once the initial treatment was complete, we carefully transferred the injured individual to the waiting intensive care ambulance stationed on the road above. Our collective efforts allowed us to navigate the difficult terrain and ensure the timely transfer of the patient to a higher level of care.

The incident near Nahal Kziv serves as a reminder of the unique challenges faced by emergency responders when accidents occur in challenging terrains. United Hatzalah, through the dedication of its volunteers, constantly strives to overcome these obstacles and provide life-saving assistance to those in need.

We are grateful for the support we receive from communities and individuals who value the importance of swift emergency response. Their contributions enable us to equip our volunteers with the necessary resources, including ATVs, to reach accident sites in remote or difficult-to-access areas.

United Hatzalah remains committed to its mission of providing emergency medical services to all, regardless of location or terrain. Together, we can continue to save lives, one challenging situation at a time.

Daniel Malka is a volunteer EMT and the deputy head of the Maalot branch of United Hatzalah.