An Ashdod man in his 60s suffered a sudden cardiac arrest at his residence on Tuesday afternoon. Relatives quickly called emergency services.

United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Shlomo Moskovitz was at his home nearby when he received the alert on his communications device. He swiftly responded in his car and arrived at the house in under 2 minutes.

Upon finding the man, whom he recognized as a fellow congregant at his shul, slumped on the couch without a pulse, Moskovitz expertly moved him to the floor and retrieved his defibrillator. Directing United Hatzalah EMT David Shtisel, who had just arrived, to initiate chest compressions, Moskovitz attached the defibrillator to the patient.

The defibrillator did not recommend a shock, so Moskovitz delivered rescue breaths to the patient via a bag-valve mask and oxygen while Shtisel continued administering chest compressions. Together, they continued CPR, alternating with other first responders who arrived shortly thereafter.

After 25 minutes, an Advanced Life Support ambulance team arrived and connected a heart monitor, but still, no shock was advised. The paramedic administered medications while the volunteers continued CPR. Thankfully, after 45 minutes of intense effort, the patient’s pulse returned. Subsequently, the patient was rapidly transported to the hospital for further care.

Reflecting on the incident, Moskovitz expressed how glad he was to assist the patient. “It is always gratifying to save a life, but it is especially rewarding to do what I can to help a congregant in my shul, from a family I know very well.”