At around 5:00 p.m. on Sunday evening, a 7-year-old boy was hit by a passing car on HaRav Kook street in Hadera. He had unexpectedly run out into the street in between two cars and was hit by the passing vehicle. He sustained serious injuries to his head and upper body from the force of the crash.

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Sharon’s United Hatzalah E-bike at the scene of the crash

Immediately upon receiving notification of the accident from dispatch, United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Sharon Shmuel sprang into action. He mounted his United Hatzalah electric bicycle and rushed to the scene of the accident only 2 blocks away from his house. 


In under 30 seconds, Sharon arrived at the location and was the first responder there. He dropped down next to the injured boy sprawled out on the road and took his vitals. The boy was unconscious, but as soon as Sharon looked into his eyes, he realized that the boy must have received a severe head injury and a possible concussion. Sharon immobilized the boy and initiated treatment.  


A few minutes after Sharon had finished taking the boy’s vitals and administered initial treatment, an ambulance showed up. Sharon told the EMT and driver to bring the backboard out so that they could quickly place the boy on and begin transporting without wasting any more precious time in the field. The EMT and Sharon placed the injured boy onto the backboard and then onto the bed in the ambulance, in a scoop-and-run operation, and sped off to the hospital. Sharon joined the ambulance team for the transport and took charge of the treatment in the back of the ambulance.


“There was no time to waste,” said Sharon. “I didn’t want to delay the admittance of the boy into the hospital, even by a second, because of the seriousness of his situation. Treating him in the ambulance instead of at the scene was our best bet.”

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Sharon Shmuel

Sharon inserted an airway into the boy’s mouth and throat and connected the artificial respiration device to ventilate. He stabilized the boy’s head and neck with a brace to prevent spinal injury as they drove on.


After four minutes, they stopped at the intersection by Route 4 where an intensive care ambulance was waiting for them. Sharon helped transfer the boy into the other ambulance. He quickly retold what had happened to the paramedic inside and explained how he treated the boy so the paramedic can continue as he sees fit as they drive the rest of the way to the Hillel Yaffe medical center. 


Sharon went back to pick up his electric bicycle, phone, and medical equipment, from where he left it as the scene before rushing off in the ambulance.


Sharon received information that the boy was met by his mother, who works in the emergency room. “It was very emotional for the mother to see her son admitted into the hospital in such circumstances, but thankfully she was there and able to make sure that he received the appropriate treatment immediately,” added Sharon. They performed a CT scan and found internal bleeding in the boy’s head. Thanks to the quick actions of Sharon, the boy was able to receive treatment as fast as possible, perhaps even saving his life. After initial testing at Hillel Yaffe medical center, the boy was transferred to the Sheba Medical Center in Tel HaShomer for further treatment.


“I’m so glad I was able to arrive quickly at the scene because in most cases, including this one, immediate medical attention is paramount for saving a life,” said Sharon after the incident. “I was left with a strong feeling of elation because with my help, the young child will be able to enjoy his life ahead of him, please G-d. It’s so rewarding.”

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