A three-year-old toddler who choked in a restaurant in Agadir, was saved thanks to a quick response from United Hatzalah volunteer EMTs who happened to be at the same restaurant. The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon while the three Asoulin brothers from Kiryat Gat, Moshe, Nati, and Itzik, were vacationing in Morocco. While sitting at the restaurant in Agadir, located along Morocco’s southern coast, the trio of brothers, all of whom are volunteer EMTs, heard calls for help coming from one of the other diners.

The trio noticed a crowd gathering around a worried customer and ran over to the nearby table where they found the toddler who had choked on some food and was turning blue. The EMTs took quick action, identified themselves as EMTs and performed a fast Heimlich maneuver. After a series of abdominal thrusts and a few measured back blows, the child spit out the foreign object that he had choked on and began to breathe once again.

The boy’s family thanked the three brothers profusely for saving the boy’s life. “We were in the right place at the right time and we did what any person with the proper training would do,” said Moshe. “Thanks to our having the proper training and skills we were able to save his life, and for his family that meant the world.”

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