Shir Aargi, a first-grader in Ma’alot Meshullam elementary school in Rehovot was enthusiastic when he learned who his first-grade teacher was going to be. “Mr. Hajbi was at my birth and now he is my teacher,” Aargi said excitedly. 

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Meir Hajbi with Shir Aargi the boy he helped deliver 6 years ago

Hajbi, volunteers as a United Hatzalah EMT when he isn’t teaching or with his own family. Six years ago, he assisted Shir’s mother in her delivery and now once again received the boy when he walked into Hajbi’s first-grade class one month ago.  “It is very moving for me to see this unique boy walk into my classroom every morning with his knapsack on his shoulder,” said Hajbi prior to the lockdown that resulted in the closure of Israel’s education system before Rosh Hashanah. 


Hajbi added, that seeing Shir brought back memories of his birth and reminded him of how important the work he does as a volunteer EMT is. “Seeing Shir in class reminds me of his birth and how much help I was then. I now have a daily reminder, that is a right in front of my eyes, of just how important the work I do as an EMT is, and how much of a difference it can make. This is the closing of a circle now with Shir.” 


Shir’s mother Einav also spoke about how blessed the family is to have Hajbi re-enter their lives in a positive fashion. “When I went into labor, I called my husband who rushed home and called for help on the way. Meir was the first one to arrive and by the time he got there, the baby was almost out. Meir received Shir in his hands. Meir wrapped the baby and passed him to the ambulance team who arrived later. Now Meir is his teacher. I can’t think of anything more fitting.”


Hajbi, who is also a professional singer and composer, has been volunteering with United Hatzalah for 12 years. “I began to volunteer after my sister was killed in a car accident,” Hajbi said. “It happened when I was young, and I told myself when it occurred that one day I would volunteer to help save lives, and I am thankful that I have.” 


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