United Hatzalah volunteers across Israel have initiated a campaign working together with social services of local and regional councils to deliver food packages to those in need of financial assistance, people stuck in isolation and the elderly. Volunteers have already begun to distribute food packages in Kiryat Ata, Nahariya, Bnei Brak, Ma’alot, Yokneam, Megiddo, Arad, Jerusalem, and Haifa. 

Food delivery in Hod Hasharon 1024x768 1
Food delivery in Hod Hasharon

In Yokneam volunteers delivered 120 food packages to elderly Holocaust survivors who, like many other Israelis, are stuck at home due to the Coronavirus regulations. The volunteers added Pesach food to the packages so that the recipients, who are in the high-risk category should they contract the Coronavirus, wouldn’t have to venture out to go shopping for the holiday. 

Food distribution in Maalot 1024x768 1
Food distirbution in Ma’alot

“While our volunteers deliver food packages ahead of Pesach every year to those in need in numerous cities, this year we added a lot to the packages and delivered them early due to the Coronavirus regulations,” said Vice President of Operations Dov Maisel. “Due to the Regulations limiting movement because of the Coronavirus, we’re initiating this program countrywide and are gathering volunteers to assist even in areas that haven’t participated in this project in previous years,” Maisel said. 

Food distribution in Yokneam 2 1
Food distribution in Yokneam

EMTs, as well as volunteers from the organization’s Ten Kavod project, delivered hundreds of food packages across the country and will be continuing to do so for the next two weeks leading up to Pesach. 

Food distribution in Arad 1024x576 1
Food distribution in Arad

The organization ensured that all of the deliveries were done in ways that adhered to the regulations set forth by the Health Ministry and would not endanger those receiving the food packages as well as those giving them. 

Food distribution in Nahariya 576x1024 1
Food distribution in Nahariya

In Hod Hasharon, as in many other areas, the volunteers worked directly in partnership with staff from the city’s social services department and delivered food to elderly people who have been shut in in their houses due to the current regulations.  

Food distribution in Bnei Brak 1024x768 1
Food distributuion in Bnei Brak

In Kiryat Ata and Haifa, teams of volunteers delivered close to 1,000 food packages to residents in need of assistance. 


“A lot of our volunteers have themselves been laid off or furloughed and have taken it upon themselves to join these efforts and help coordinate logistics. They’ve spearheaded partnerships with local social services in their area to kick-off this program to help others who likewise could use a helping hand in these tough times,” said Maisel. “This is the Israeli spirit of volunteering at its best and I am proud that the volunteers of United Hatzalah have wholeheartedly joined in this effort.” 

To support the work of United Hatzalah in the wake of the Coronavirus, please click here: https://israelrescue.org/project/coronaresponse