On Thursday, after taking his vehicle in for its annual test in Rehovot, Amir Tzabari, a United Hatzalah volunteer EMT, received a heartwarming surprise. Just after he exited the center having finished his test, a passerby asked him to wait a few moments before continuing on his way. He was taken completely by surprise at what happened next.


The woman who made the request told Tzabari that she had seen his United Hatzalah vest through his car window and therefore requested for him to wait a few moments until she returned. “While the request struck me as being a bit odd, the woman seemed sincere and I thought perhaps she needed my help with something so I waited for her,” Tzabari said.

Amir Tzabari holding the gift basket 1024x756 1
Tzabari holding the Mishloach Manot he received from the passerby

Volunteers like Tzabari are used to people asking them for help with medical conditions. However, when the woman returned she did not ask for medical assistance or advice, rather she presented Tzabari with a gift of Mishloach Manot for the upcoming holiday of Purim. The woman told Tzabari that the gift was on behalf of the non-profit organization that she worked for which is Tza’adim Ketanim or Little Steps. The organization helps those who suffer from muscular dystrophy and often, many of their patients are assisted by volunteers from United Hatzalah.

Upon seeing the vest the woman felt it was only fitting to give something back to the volunteers who help her patients so much.

If that wasn’t reason enough, the woman said that one of her family members is alive today because a United Hatzalah volunteer had saved their life. “The woman told me the story of her relative who had suffered a heart attack. She said that the first people at the scene, who arrived very fast, were United Hatzalah volunteers. She explained that the volunteers began CPR and that her relative woke up after nearly a month of living on a respirator. Thankfully, she said that her relative is leading a normal life now without the need for any further medical assistance.”


Tzabari was really taken aback by the whole episode. “This woman succeeded in really touching me on a spiritual level. This small gesture was something tremendous. I wish to thank all of my fellow volunteers for giving of themselves on a daily basis to respond to emergencies and helping others. It is these acts that are changing the face of Israel for the better every single day. I am proud to be a member of this network of upstanding volunteers.”


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