Yehuda attending the meal of celebration in honor of the boy he save five years prior
Yehuda attending the meal of celebration in honor of the boy he saved five years prior

Passover is all about remembering the important stories of the past, stories that define us, stories that makes us who we are and taking them into the future with us.

Eariler this week Untied Hatzalah volunteer Yehuda Amitai attended a very special meal, a meal that was held in celebration of a child’s medical recovery. Yehuda had saved the life of this child five years earlier.

During chol hamoed (the intermediate days of) Pesach (Passover) five years ago, a three year old boy was run over by a bus in Jerusalem. Yehdua Amitai, was the United Hatzalah first responder on the scene. When he arrived at the scene of the accident he began treating the child while attempting to remove him from underneath the bus. The boy’s body was shattered and he was in a terrible condition.

When the ambulance arrived the medics form the ambulance said that it was a hopeless case because the child was in a state of traumatic cardiac arrest. Yehuda who had already begun CPR, did not give up hope. Miraculously, thanks to Yehuda’s efforts, the child’s pulse came back and he was transported to the hospital. His life was hanging on by a thread, but the thread was strong and the child survived. After twenty surgeries and five years of rehabilitative efforts that thread is now a beautiful cord and the child is alive and well and living the healthy rambunctious life of an eight year old boy.

The parents of the boy contacted United Hatzalah to track down the volunteer who saved their son’s life. Yehuda was grateful to attend the celebration, but just being able to save the child’s life was all the thanks he needed.