Recently, United Hatzalah volunteer Yitzchak received a United Hatzalah dispatch of a choking baby. On his amazing ambucycle, Yitzchak was at the address in under a minute! A baby who suffered from a narrow windpipe breathed through a tracheostomy tube. The tube was dislodged and the mother only noticed when the baby’s oxygen levels reduced to a critical level and the oxygen monitor began to beep!

Together with another United Hatzalah ambucycle medic, Yitzchak attempted standard ventilation by mouth but the child’s condition and the location of the tube rendered their efforts ineffectual. As a medic in one of the health clinics Yitzchak is more familiar than most medics with advanced airway devices. He applied pressure along the neck to coax the tube back into place and administered oxygen by way of the tube until the baby recovered.

Due to Yitzchak’s position at the local health clinic, he sees his young patient regularly. Just last week the mother phoned to say the child can now breathe on his own!

Kol hakavod, Yitzchak!