On Wednesday just after noon, a man who was visiting the main boulevard of Zichron Yaakov walked into a restaurant and inquired about the lunch menu. He then walked back outside and collapsed near the threshold of the restaurant. A waitress at the restaurant immediately called emergency services for help.


Eliyahu Teichholz is a United Hatzalah volunteer EMT who works as a kashrus supervisor for the municipality of Zichron Yaakov. Eliyahu was at work and supervising the kitchen in a restaurant down the street when he received the emergency alert and ran over to the restaurant where the man collapsed. “I was the first emergency medical service (EMS) responder at the scene and I arrived when the waiter was still on the phone with emergency services,” recounted Eliyahu. “I checked the man’s vital signs, and finding none, I updated dispatch that I was beginning CPR without any equipment.” 

Eliyahu Teichholz on the main boulevard in Zichron Yaakov 768x1024 2
Eliyahu Teichholz on the main boulevard in Zichron Yaakov

Eliyahu continued CPR on his own for three minutes until other United Hatzalah volunteers, including the chapter head of Zichron Yaakov Michael Cohen, as well as Dvir Even Chen, Yechiel Shulman, and Ayal Mishe. The team of first responders relieved Eliyahu so that he could rest before his next round of CPR compressions. They attached an oxygen mask and began to provide assisted ventilation. A mobile intensive care ambulance showed up and joined in the effort to save the man’s life. A heart monitor was attached and the man received four shocks in an attempt to restart his heart. After 10 minutes, the attempts were finally successful and the man’s pulse was restored. “We continued treating the man for an additional 15 minutes until he was stable enough to be transported to the hospital,” Eliyahu added. “From what the people at the restaurant told me the man was a visitor to the city and was touring around. He had stopped into the restaurant to inquire about the menu and then went outside for a bit when he suddenly collapsed.”


“It amazes me every time I help save someone’s life just how it all happens,” Eliyahu reflected. “The fact that I was nearby when the call came in and was able to respond so quickly and start compressions made a huge difference. I think that everyone should learn how to help when an emergency arises. People should all learn how to react and how to perform CPR, because you may just be called on to save a life in the middle of your workday like I was. It is a great feeling knowing that I helped save this man’s life and it filled me with energy for the rest of my day.” 


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