On a recent Saturday night, Ariel Yonatan was alerted to an accident on the highway between Safed (Tzefat) and Meron. A high impact collision occurred between two private vehicles that caused the airbags to deploy and the windows to shatter from impact. 

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Ariel raced out on his ambucycle and hurried to the location, arriving alongside fellow United Hatzalah volunteers from the area. After triaging the multiple victims, Ariel together with the other volunteers treated the most seriously injured man who was trapped inside one of the vehicles. 

The unfortunate man had suffered a multi-system trauma. He had numerous injuries across his body as well as serious head wounds. Ariel saw that the man’s eyes were closed. When the volunteers approached to treat him, the delirious man lashed out at his surroundings and rescuers hindering treatment as he attempted to get out of his vehicle. Despite that, the team managed to secure and stabilize the patient and provide crucial intervention. Ariel and his fellows attached a neck brace and administered oxygen while bandaging his other wounds.  A fire rescue team with special equipment for cutting through metal promptly arrived at the scene. The man was quickly extricated from the wreckage, where he was then sedated and evacuated by helicopter to Rambam Hospital.

Ariel and his fellow volunteers then turned their attention to the less seriously injured patients and provided on-site intervention to the eleven other victims. These victims sustained moderate and light injuries to their limbs and faces, mainly as a result of contusions and being struck by glass shards. One victim had sustained a fractured hip  Ariel worked together with the other volunteers in the field and placed the numerous patients on stretchers and transferred them to ambulances. 

In spite of the chaos, Ariel managed to reassure the injured patients, many of whom were in shock and frightened following the accident. As he calmed them, Ariel was told that the seriously injured man was a groom, shortly before his wedding. Ariel, the caring medic, comforted the family and assured them that the man was in good hands receiving the best care and treatment possible. Soon, all twelve victims were on the way to the hospital for further treatment. 

The following Tuesday, Ariel was delighted to receive an update, that the severely injured groom had regained consciousness and was in stable condition. Doctors credited the young man’s survival and recovery to the rapid medical intervention he had received.  

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