United Hatzalah volunteer EMT and ambulance driver Rachel Chuna was injured on Thursday morning when Arab terrorists threw rocks at vehicles on a highway outside of the Arab village of Tuqu’ in Gush Etzion.

Rachel was driving a United Hatzalah ambulance at the time. The ambulance’s windshield was smashed and Rachel was lightly injured in her arm. She rushed to the Jewish town of Tekoa to receive medical care. The first EMT at the scene to treat Rachel was United Hatzalah volunteer Karim Tarwah who is a Muslim from east Jerusalem. Karim works as a custodian in one of the schools in Tekoa.

After the incident, Rachel recounted: “As I was driving past the Arab village of Tuqu’ a number of teenagers began throwing stones at cars on the road in an attempt to injure the drivers. The ambulance was struck by a number of large stones and I sustained an injury in my arm. I called dispatch and reported the incident and then quickly drove to the Jewish town of Tekoa where I received medical treatment from first responders who arrived to help.”

Karim added, “I was at work when I received the alert. I rushed over and was the first person at the scene. I was surprised to see one of our ambulances hit by stones and the driver injured. I treated Rachel, and stayed with her until she went to a nearby medical clinic to receive additional care.”

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