United Hatzalah has teamed up with Nurofen for Children and it has set a goal to train 500 parents and residents of Sderot in providing basic first aid to their families and neighbors in the case of a medical emergency. The initiative was created after the most recent round of rocket attacks swept across the city. 

Family Safety Class 696x522 1
A Family Safety class being taught to local residents


The training course, a total of four hours per class, will be given to residents of the city free of charge. It will incorporate comprehensive CPR training and how to provide treatment in cases of choking, burns, and other medical emergencies. In addition, this course, in particular, will also incorporate the basics of psychological first aid  (PFA) so that residents can provide initial treatment to those suffering from shock or emotional and psychological stress, something which is all too common in the southern town that borders the Gaza Strip.

President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer said: “Every year we provide hundreds of these training courses across Israel with the knowledge that this basic level of training results in lives being saved. In 2020, we decided to make a special effort to train as many people as possible in Sderot because of the recent waves of rocket fire that the city withstood over the course of the past year. The more residents of Sderot that know how to provide emergency first aid should a person near them suffer an injury or go into shock, the better off the entire city will be. When a person collapses or is injured, the first people who will be on the scene will be those who are in close proximity to the person and may even be at the location where the incident took place. It is in our interest, that these people, those who are closest, will know what to do even before emergency services can arrive at the scene. I want to thank Reckitt Benckiser Group, who produces and markets Nurofen, who has been partnering with us for the past six years to make these courses free of charge to the public and has helped us train tens of thousands of Israeli in how to provide basic first aid as part of our “Family Safety” program.”

Guy Yannai, CEO of Reckitt Benckiser in Israel said: “We recognize the Family Safety project as a flagship program whose goal it is to train thousands of citizens each year in providing life-saving first aid in cases of emergencies and drastically reducing the response time of receiving medical intervention before emergency services can arrive at the scene. We will continue to invest in the power of the community and this year we have chosen to invest strongly in the residents of the city of Sderot. We look forward to continuing our partnership with United Hatzalah for many years to come. Over the previous years of collaboration, we have been fortunate to work with an amazing volunteer organization made up of thousands of dedicated men and women each of whom has inspired us.” 


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