Tonight, from all over the country, United Hatzalah volunteer ambucycle drivers are heading to Tel Aviv to provide emergency medical coverage at the plethora of cultural events taking place in the city over the weekend. With the semi-final and final performances of Eurovision, as well as Tel Aviv’s annual White Night celebrations, the city has drawn thousands of celebrants who will be enjoying the festivities.

kikar rabin photo
United Hatzalah volunteers on duty at Rabin Square

In preparation for the weekend, the organization is augmenting its teams of volunteers in the city by bringing in additional personnel to bolster the medical coverage. More than 50 ambucyclists from across the country will be heading to Tel Aviv to provide emergency medical first response to anyone in need. The organization opened the invitation to all of its volunteers but specifically requested that ambucyclists participate as they can navigate the traffic resulting from the large number of events faster than cars or ambulances.


Shraga Kirshenbaum, Head of Operations for the Tel Aviv chapter of United Hatzalah, spoke about the preparations being made for the weekend. “United Hatzalah issued a request for additional volunteers in Tel Aviv this weekend with a special focus on Thursday and Saturday nights. This year we had a groundswell of interest from volunteers across Israel. Our automotive department has made it possible for any ambucycle volunteer from anywhere in the country wishing to participate, to be able to come to Tel Aviv and volunteer as part of the team here.”

Azrieli photo
Volunteers and their ambucycles on duty at Azrieli Center

“Many volunteers like to come and attend these events,” said Noa Berger, who heads recruitment for the organization in Tel Aviv. “While they are in attendance, they will be on call.  Something that I take pride in seeing is when volunteers are enjoying themselves at a concert or a show and in spite of that, still rush out to help someone in their vicinity. While they are enjoying the city, they recognize that true enjoyment comes from the work of helping another person in their time of need. That is the true reason why all of these volunteers have come here to join us this weekend.”


Chapter Head Dani Shmuel said: “We have been doing this type of preparation for the White Night for several years now. This year we are asking other volunteers from around the country to help out even more due to the added crowds that Eurovision has brought to the city. We are proud to be able to provide free emergency medical service to all of the participants of both the White Night and Eurovision.”  


Deputy Chapter Head Avner Ben David added that the volunteers are being divided up by events throughout the city and that the organization is sending groups of volunteers to different areas where major events are taking place. “We are giving electronic maps to all of the volunteers on their phones for where the events are taking place so that they can navigate through traffic and arrive as fast as possible should their assistance be needed.”


One local business teamed up with the organization to assist. Bourekas Amikam located on Ibn Gvirol Street in the heart of the city will be providing any United Hatzalah volunteer first responder with free bourekas and a drink to help them with their work throughout the evening.


“On nights like this I’m especially happy to be a part of this city and proud to be a part of this organization whose volunteers band together to help wherever and whenever needed,” Kirschenbaum concluded.