More than 6,000 volunteers of United Hatzalah provide emergency medical care to thousands of people across Israel ahead of the arrival of ambulances. Today, Thursday, February 25th, all of the lifesaving activities of the organization and its volunteers are being dedicated to the memory of Danielle Sonnenfeld whose life was tragically cut short at the young age of 20, when she was killed in a fatal car accident in 2015.

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Danielle Sonnenfeld

Danielle was serving out her national service in the Pediatric Oncology Department in Schneider Hospital and was a supportive friend for all of the children in the hospital and their families. She was hoping to study medicine in order to continue to provide care and relief to those suffering from medical complications.  

United Hatzalah Founder and President Eli Beer said: “We are proud to be a part of the commemoration of Danielle’s life and the good work that she has done. Our work in helping others today, on her Yahrzeit, is a direct continuation of the work that Danielle was so passionate about, helping those in need of care and comfort. Today, Danielle is in our hearts, and we will hold her memory in front of us as we provide emergency medical treatment to those in need and provide ambulance transport to dozens of homebound Holocaust survivors and elderly people to receive their vaccines against the Coronavirus. Thus, we hope to commemorate a person who succeeded in touching so many lives in her 20 short years on this earth. I wish to thank Mr. Motti Sonnenfeld, Danielle’s father, for being a long-time friend and supporter of the lifesaving work that United Hatzalah does.” 

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United Hatzalah volunteers transporting an older man to receive his vaccine

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