President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer did during the event which took place at the Toldos Aharon section of Meron in front of 300 volunteer first responders and family members of the fallen: “When I first heard the reports of what was happening I didn’t believe it. I didn’t believe that a month after the incident that we would need to be here in support of one another after participating in such a tragedy. I was in the United States when the tragedy occurred. My heart broke when I heard about what took place. You the volunteers showed bravery and strength the kind of which we have never seen before as you did everything you could to save lives.”

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Eli speaking during Meron commemoration

Eli called upon government leaders from all parties to come together to investigate the causes of what transpired. “I call upon all of our MKs from all parties to come together to investigate this incident. Not just because the families need closure, which they do, but to ensure that this never happens again and that other families and children should not have to mourn loved ones in future incidents like this. These things can be prevented if we learn from what happened here.

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Eli with Rabbi Lau during Meron commemoration

As part of the event, 45 medical kits and defibrillators that were donated by the public in Israel and abroad in honor of those who were killed, as well as an ambucycle and an emergency e-bike, were dedicated at the event and will be used by EMTs and paramedics who were present at the incident on Lag BaOmer.

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Meron commemoration ceremony

Rina, the mother of Yosef Yehuda Levi who was killed in the tragedy on Lag BaOmer spoke to the gathered crowd and told the volunteers: “I know that you the volunteers, each and every one of you, did everything that you could in an attempt to save my son’s life.”

Chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi David Lau also addressed the crowd and joined them in a special prayer dedicated to the memory of the fallen.

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