On Monday evening, a special event took place at United Hatzalah of Israel’s headquarters in Jerusalem.  The organization held a special training session and social gathering for the women who comprise the women’s unit and the midwives unit in the greater Jerusalem area. 

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Director of the Women’s Unit Gitty Beer said: “The point  of the event was to have all of these women who give of themselves and their time to rush out and help others, a chance to meet one another, share stories, build connections with one another and thank them for all that they do. On top of managing their families and their jobs, they still manage to drop everything when an emergency happens and rush out to save a life. This is no simple task. These women are truly heroes.” 

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The evening commenced with a special dinner prepared by none other than Beer’s daughter, Penina. The evening included a concert as well as an educational component in which guest speakers expanded upon some of the finer elements of EMS work.

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“The women’s unit responds to all types of emergency medical calls, but their primary task is providing a much-needed response to particularly delicate calls specific to women. During these emergencies, our unit provides an extra element of care to an already traumatic situation. We’ve found that having a woman treat another woman makes the patient feel more comfortable, as the EMT understands the patient a little bit better than her male counterparts would,“ said Beer.

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Unit Director Gitty Beer talking to the gathered women at the event

The evening was a small token of the organization’s appreciation for these hard-working and dedicated volunteers. It is important to us, as an organization, that we show our volunteers the appreciation that they deserve.

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Currently the Women’s Unit numbers some 150 volunteers who serve in the communities of Jerusalem, Beitar Illit, Beit Shemesh, Modi’in Illit and Bnei Brak. The Unit is looking to expand to other communities in which this extra level of sensitivity is requested by the community.