Last Thursday United Hatzalah inaugurated two emergency medical response vehicles known as EZRaiders. These personal riding machines are 4 wheel drive all-terrain vehicles that are capable of bringing a first responder to a patient in difficult terrain or hard to maneuver areas as well as through large crowds. The vehicles, which United Hatzalah retrofitted to contain a medical kit as well as a first responder on a board, are even capable of maneuvering at high speeds while towing a patient over difficult terrain safely. The vehicles are battery-powered and have enough energy for long and difficult trips up mountains or along beaches where regular vehicles and ambulances cannot go. 

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Eli Beer together with George and Sylvia Frankel dedicating the EZRaider vehicles

The vehicles were donated by George and Sylvia Frankel in honor of Viliam and Klara Frankel and Benjamin and Mina Zauderer. 


“With the high ground clearance, extremely low center of gravity and its unique suspension, the EZRaider is able to traverse even difficult terrain easily and safely, making responding to emergencies and patient transfers from areas possessing difficult terrain that much easier for our volunteers,” said President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer. “These new vehicles will be a welcome addition to our fleet of lifesaving emergency vehicles and will help us treat patients faster. We are very thankful to the Frankels for donating such amazing vehicles that will assist our volunteers for many years to come. ” Beer added. 


George Frankel, who is connected with Hatzolah in Montreal where he and his wife used to live before moving to Israel,  spoke about why he and his wife chose to donate such a unique and innovative vehicle to save lives in their new home country. “We are very happy to support such a wonderful and massive organization such as United Hatzalah. This vehicle is an up and coming thing in the world of medical response and rescue and we felt that it was important that they are put to use here in Israel to save lives.”  


The EZRaider vehicle was developed by Erez Abramov and marketed by DSRaider Ltd.,  a company that was founded by Abramov together with CEO Miki Bar and Gadi Binyamini. 


Bar spoke about how proud he was that the vehicles will now be used by the volunteer EMS organization. “It is important to note that this is a newly developed vehicle. It is an innovation that we are proud to call our own and to call Israeli. I am proud to see that this vehicle is now saving lives in Israel. Now that it has proven its worth in United Hatzalah, it is I becoming more popular around the world with different EMS organizations.” 


Bar said that they had developed the vehicle with EMS teams in mind. “During development, we understood right away that it is a vehicle that would be usable by EMS organizations. Due to its size, maneuverability and towing capacity, we hoped that these vehicles would be used for such important tasks as saving lives on a day-to-day basis in addition to the more recreational and tactical uses that the vehicle is utilized for.”


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