In an effort to expand awareness and support for emergency medical services in Israel, Friends of United Hatzalah of Israel is pleased to announce that the Founder and Managing Partner of Vine Ventures,  Eric Reiner, has joined the organization’s U.S. National Board and has been appointed as the President of Young Leadership for the organization.

Eric, who is no stranger to garnering support for worthy causes, not only founded his own venture capital firm Vine Ventures, which focuses on investments in early-stage software companies in the US, Latin America, and Israel, but has been a renowned philanthropist in recent years. Reiner both together with Vine Ventures, and on his own, has recently given significant financial support to numerous organizations assisting Ukrainian refugees fleeing the conflict. In the past, he has also given to many causes both in Israel and the United States that focus on helping those in need.

Eric and Arianne Reiner Visiting United Hatzalah headquarters in Jerusalem 300x196 1
Eric and Arianne Reiner Visiting United Hatzalah headquarters in Jerusalem

“There is no greater ROI investment than United Hatzalah,” Reiner said. “They have managed to build an organization that is the leading edge in response time and efficacy, all powered by volunteers. I’m honored to take part in this effort to help those in need of emergency medical care in Israel and beyond.”

For Reiner, the new position is a bridging of worlds. Reiner has been a long-time supporter of Friends of United Hatzalah of Israel as well as a proponent for offering assistance to those in need around the world.

President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer welcomed the appointment. “I am so proud to have found a true partner, someone who has been a supporter of ours and other ventures for many years, to join our board and take on the position of President of Young Leadership. Eric has shown himself to be one of the bright young leaders of the future and I am proud that he will be part of our future as well. His dedication to helping others both in the business world and in the philanthropic world is tremendous. I am sure that he will help us achieve amazing things in the near future.”

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