Since the Covid-19 pandemic began in Israel, United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Tomer Grinzaid has been hopping from call to call whether it’s to provide medical or humanitarian assistance. On a recent medical call, Tomer was alerted to a young bicycle rider who had spun out on the roadway and sustained a nasty head wound as a result. Upon receiving the alert, Tomer rushed to the scene on his ambucycle and found the young man writhing in pain. Tomer provided immediate first aid and stabilized the patient, wrapping his wounds and staunching the bleeding. While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, Tomer monitored the injured biker’s vital signs in order to make sure that his situation did not deteriorate. Once the ambulance arrived, the biker was then whisked off to the nearest emergency room.

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Tomer Grinzaid on his ambucycle

In another recent call, a little boy from Tomer’s neighborhood tripped and fell in the street injuring his leg. Less than 60 seconds after receiving the alert, Tomer had arrived at the boy’s side. While bandaging up the little boy’s leg, Tomer calmed and reassured him letting him know that he would be all right. An ambulance arrived soon after and the little boy was transferred to the hospital for additional care and observation.

In addition to providing much needed medical assistance during this trying time, Tomer, like thousands of other volunteers across the country, also began responding to calls for humanitarian assistance, to help with problems caused by the Covid-19 Coronavirus. On one of Tomer’s humanitarian relief calls, he and his fellow United Hatzalah volunteers delivered toys to children isolated in a local ‘Corona Hotel’.

“ It was an amazing experience bringing these kids games and lighting up their faces with a smile,” Tomer said. “Letting a person know that we are here for them and are doing everything we can to help, can make the biggest difference to them. I felt an immense amount of satisfaction seeing the kids, who were stuck in isolation, wave at me as I was leaving. I have so much pride and joy in this organization and everything they have been doing since this pandemic hit our country.”

Tomer concluded by saying, “United Hatzalah has done everything they can to help those in need without receiving anything in return. Their efforts have been herculean. In my eyes, the work of this organization is the most inspiring thing I have ever been a part of.”

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