27-year-old Yhoodit Mazooz is a United Hatzalah volunteer EMT and resident of the city Holon. Since she was a young girl, Yhoodit has always been fascinated with the world of volunteers and emergency medicine. Volunteering from a young age, Yhoodit has been a part of many programs and courses involving the medical field.

Yhoodit and her partner Kobi

Throughout her life, volunteering as an EMT has always played a major role. The mother of two children and a divorcee, Yhoodit volunteers with the Holon chapter, alongside her new partner Kobi. The pair of volunteers, who are relatively new to United Hatzalah arrived at their first CPR together some time ago, and unfortunately, it was unsuccessful.

Last Tuesday night, the couple received an alert from their communication devices regarding an unconscious 92-year-old woman on their own street, Chaim Weizman. The incident was taking place just a few blocks down from their building.

They raced to the given location and arrived together with a paramedic and another United Hatzalah EMT. The team began chest compressions in an attempt to revive the elderly woman. Despite the women’s age, Yhoodit and her partner stayed confident and kept pushing to help save her.

After 12 minutes of CPR, the woman’s pulse suddenly returned. As the mobile intensive care ambulance arrived to transport the woman to the nearest hospital, the team of responders shared a smile together and shared their joy of having taken part in the miracle of lifesaving. After the woman was secured in the ambulance, Yhoodit and Kobi returned home.

“The last CPR I had been a part of was very tough for me. It was two months after my grandfather had passed from Covid-19, and it didn’t go well,” said Yhoodit. “On Tuesday, I got to be a part of a successful CPR with my new partner. My work as a volunteer EMT has always been a part of my identity. While it has caused me some strain on a personal level in the past, instead of fighting it, I have chosen to embrace it. Just recently, I asked Kobi to join the Holon chapter with me after we moved. He did, and we have been responding to emergencies together ever since. I think it is better this way. We can share these experiences together, and instead of them separating us, in time and in experience, they can help bring us together.”

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