Our ambucycle #478 has been given to an incredibly dedicated and active volunteer, Yehoshua Becker. He responds to 5 or 6 calls a day, totaling around 165 calls a month and an awesome 2000 a year! Here are a few of his recent calls.

Last Friday, Yehoshua responded to a call about a man who had collapsed due to apparent alcohol abuse. Upon arrival, the experienced medic took the young man’s vital signs and immediately realized he was hypoglycemic. His blood sugar had sunk so dangerously that it caused him to collapse. Yehoshua administered glucose-gel under the man’s tongue and the pure sugar instantly dissolved into the man’s bloodstream. His recovery was almost immediate and from near-death he returned to full consciousness!

This week, his ambucycle helped Yehoshua save another life when a man suffered from cardiac arrest. Arriving in under 90 seconds, the medic found the 40 year-old man with no signs of life. Starting CPR, Yehoshua was quickly joined by other United Hatzalah volunteers including a doctor. Together they fought to save the man’s life, and their efforts paid off – a heartbeat returned and the man was rushed to hospital alive!

The ambulance arrived almost 15 minutes later. There is no doubt that this man would not be alive today without the immediate medical care he received from United Hatzalah’s ambucycle team.

That same day a terrible accident occurred. A bus skidded heavily on the rain-slicked roads and the whole vehicle span around, running over a pedestrian and smashing into another bus. Alerted by United Hatzalah dispatch, Yehoshua jumped on his ambucycle and arrived first on scene. The pedestrian, a young woman, was under the wheels of the bus; it was impossible to free her without professional equipment but meanwhile your partner managed to administer oxygen and set up an IV, keeping her alive until she was finally extricated 25 minutes later. An elderly woman on the bus had sustained a serious head wound and the medic knelt by her side as he feverishly tried to keep her alive. More United Hatzalah medics and then the ambulance crew arrived and together they treated the injured people.