We’re happy to update you about ambucycle #410, used by volunteer medic Moshe Goldberg who responds to calls every day. Just to give you a sense of how much he is doing, here’s a typical morning in the life of Moshe.

A call comes in that someone is having breathing difficulties. Moshe races to the address and finds an elderly woman, alone and frightened as she struggles to breathe. Moshe administers oxygen and the woman begins to relax as her breathing pattern stabilizes and oxygenated blood circulates around her body. The medic speaks to her reassuringly and she thanks him gratefully for coming so quickly to her aid. The ambulance arrives and she is transported to hospital.

Moshe is on the way back home when his United Hatzalah walkie-talkie alerts him that another elderly woman was requesting medical help. Moshe changes route and is at the address in minutes. He finds that the lady needs transport to the hospital. The ambulance takes a long time to arrive and the UH medic monitors the woman until its arrival and then helps the crew carry her down the stairs and to the ambulance.

Moshe has just got back on your ambucycle when he receives another dispatch – an emergency on the highway! Once again, the medic on his ambucycle speeds to the rescue. A car is parked haphazardly on the hard shoulder, and a white-faced young man gestured frantically for him to come. His friend was having an epileptic attack! The experienced medic prevents the epileptic fit from causing injury and administers oxygen once the convulsions subside, all the while calming the agitated friend.

Finally Moshe jumps on his ambucycle again and this time he makes it home. He has been out for over an hour! Filled with a sweet sense of satisfaction as he takes off his helmet, he goes inside to pick up where he left off and do as much as  possible before the next call comes in.