One Sunday, in the middle of April Aryeh, a United Hatzalah volunteer, was driving on Highway #4 near Bnei Brak when he spotted a major 3-car accident that had just occurred. Two cars were turned over on their sides and the third was badly banged up. Aryeh immediately called the United Hatzalah dispatch with the exact location and a call went out for more reinforcements. Due to the accident, the highway had standstill traffic and no access to cars and ambulances. Thanks to the quick and nimble ambucycles, about 7 volunteer medics arrived within minutes of the call including Aharon Klein on ambucycle 369.

Five people were wounded in the accident; two of them seriously. The most critical victim was a women with a compound  fracture with exposed bone segments. Aryeh, who is a paramedic,  administered morphine for the pain, and Aharon helped staunch the bleeding and immobilized the limb. Aharon along with the additional medics treated the other victims. One man had been thrown from his car and sustained a serious head injury that required full spinal immobilization. One person was trapped in his car and needed to be extricated. The others were treated for minor cuts and bruises.

Thanks to the quick and professional response, all injured are alive and well today.