Yitzhak Zak, a United Hatzalah volunteer serving the Haifa Bay area received a call about a 2 year old girl who was having seizures due to a high fever. He hopped on his ambucycle and arrived first on the scene. He observed that the situation was rapidly deteriorating as the child was now unconscious, bluish in the face and breathing heavily. He realized that the oxygen levels were low and immediately administered oxygen to the child. By the time the ambulance arrived the little girl regained consciousness and was breathing with ease. The parents didn’t even have to go to the hospital, but went instead by car to their local medical emergency clinic.

Yitzhak said that the reason this case stood out in his mind is because of the parents’ anxious state of mind. As with most cases, there was another volunteer who also took the call. It was his task to calm the parents while Yitzhak treated their daughter and explain them what was going on.

Thanks to these volunteers’ professional and caring response and their speedy ambucycles  this little girl are healthy and alive today.