United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Aryeh Goldberg from the city of Bnei Brak, had a very eventful day last Wednesday. While Aryeh was going about his day and taking care of some errands, he received an alert to a medical emergency that had occurred not too far away from where he was driving. It was just after 4:00 p.m. when he received the alert to a serious accident that occurred on Derech Hashalom in Tel Aviv. A 65- year-old pedestrian had been struck by a car and was critically injured as a result.

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The scene of the truck accident

Aryeh, a father of eight who normally works as an ambulance driver, quickly turned on the lights and sirens of his ambucycle and flew through the traffic to the scene. He arrived alongside United Hatzalah volunteers Netanel Asiya and Ehud Carmeli and the trio rushed to the aid of the unconscious victim who was sprawled on the asphalt. After quickly looking over their patient, Aryeh noted that the woman suffered multiple traumatic injuries and a significant head wound. Aryeh and his colleagues bandaged the wounds while administering ventilation with supplemental oxygen. They worked feverishly keeping the injured woman alive until an ambulance arrived and whisked her urgently off to the hospital.

Later in the day, during a separate incident, a metal frame fell off the back of a truck directly onto a construction worker. As the man lay writhing on the ground in pain, his alarmed coworkers called emergency dispatch. Aryeh raced to the site on his ambucycle and aided the man in removing him from underneath the frame and then providing medical treatment for his injuries. Together with fellow United Hatzalah EMTs who also arrived at the scene, Aryen affixed a neck brace, splinted fractured limbs, immobilized the victim and placed him onto a backboard, and then rushed him into an ambulance for emergency evacuation.

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The scene of the accident on Derech HaShalom

“Being an emergency first responder is kind of like being a parent, you never really know what to expect,” Aryeh said. “We plan for the best but are prepared for the worst and we hope that we can deal with whatever emergencies come our way and that everyone will be okay at the end of the day. Often, it is because of the quick and caring treatment that we provide that makes the difference in that regard.”

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