Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Health Minister Yuli Edelstein awarded United Hatzalah with a certificate of commendation for the organization’s efforts combating the coronavirus. The award was presented to the United Hatzalah CEO Eli Pollack who received the certificate on behalf of the volunteers that make up the national network of first responders.

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Prime Minister Netanyahu (right) and Health Minister Edelstein (Left) presenting a commendation to Eli Pollack and Moshe Teitelbaum for United Hatzalah’s work combatting Covid-19

The ceremony took place at the Jerusalem Theater in the nation’s capital, and during the ceremony, similar certificates were given to additional organizations.


Pollack thanked the Prime Minister and the Health Minister for recognizing the effort of the volunteers. Pollack noted that the volunteers provided assistance in many different ways during the pandemic.

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The scene of the ceremony at the Jerusalem TheaterC

“During the first lockdown, our volunteers, in addition to providing their regular medical assistance, undertook a massive effort to provide humanitarian assistance across the country, with a specific emphasis placed on helping the elderly, disabled, and ill,” Pollack said. “Afterward, our volunteers began transporting those who contracted the disease from hospitals to the various Corona Hotels across the country. Following that, our volunteers played a major role in the national vaccination effort and vaccinated hundreds of thousands of residents and citizens in the various vaccination centers spread across Israel. The volunteers also assisted homebound Holocaust survivors in getting to the vaccination centers so that they too could receive their vaccines, and they are continuing to administer the vaccines to the homebound at their homes even to this day. We played a big part in the eradication of the virus in Israel. On behalf of all of the volunteers, I wish to thank the Prime Minister and the Health Minister for their appreciation and recognition of our efforts.”