For the past two weeks during the hot afternoon hours, Deputy Director of Volunteer Operations Ariel Ben David, and Chief Paramedic Avi Marcus, have been surprising United Hatzalah volunteers in the field by bringing them a cold drink and a letter of thanks for their tireless efforts. Ben David and Marcus have been making the rounds to volunteers around the country checking to make sure that their medical equipment is updated and replacing any missing items that they may have. In addition, they give the volunteers a cold drink and a letter of appreciation. In the past week, they have visited volunteers in the central region chapters of Bat Yam, Holon, Rishon Letzion, Ramla, Lod, Petach Tikva and Tel Aviv. Last month they visited volunteers in the northern coastal chapters around Haifa and the southern chapters around Ashdod, Lachish and Ashkelon

Ariel Ben David and Avi Marcus treat volunteers to a cold beverage while giving them a letter of thanks in the field.
Ariel Ben David and Avi Marcus treat volunteers to a cold beverage while giving them a letter of thanks in the field.

The visits take place immediately following an emergency to which the volunteers respond. Ben David and Marcus arrive at the location of the emergency, inspect the medical equipment of the volunteer to help maintain the organization’s high level of care in the field, and then give the volunteer a letter of thanks from the organization for their efforts. “During these hot summer weeks it is important to maintain our level of care for our patients, and that means maintaining the morale of our volunteers who respond and offer that care free of charge,” said Ben David.  “Other than the feeling of doing something good for someone else, our volunteers don’t get anything for their efforts. The policy of United Hatzalah is to make sure that the volunteers know that they are appreciated for their dedication and for the selfless work that they do. Giving our volunteers a cold drink and a letter of thanks right after they respond to an emergency, is a very small token of our gratitude to our more than 3,500 volunteers across the country.”

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In addition to the visits by Ben David and Marcus, the Volunteer Liaison department of the organization calls dozens of volunteers daily to personally thank them for their effort and to touch base with the volunteers and see if they lack for anything in terms of medical equipment. This department also provides assistance with personal difficulties that the volunteers may have within the framework of their volunteering.

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“I am always happy to meet with the volunteers in the field, especially after they have just gone to answer an emergency call and help someone. We were able to relay our thanks and the thanks that the organization has for the tremendous dedication that the volunteers display every day,” said Ben David.

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Avi Marcus added to Ben David’s comments and said, “It is always very moving for me to see our volunteers in action. Their dedication and expert level of care they provide are not to be taken for granted in any way. The fact that our volunteers drop whatever it is that they are doing, whether it is at work, at home, or during their leisure time, and head out to respond to emergencies and save lives, that is something special that each and every one of them displays and they deserve our utmost respect and thanks for doing this. Our goal is to visit our volunteers in every chapter and city across the country.”  

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