A couple of weeks ago, United Hatzalah volunteer Moshe Miller was at home enjoying his day off from work when he received an alert that there was a semi-conscious person on the street. The dedicated volunteer dashed out to his ambucycle and sped over to the location, arriving in record time.


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An Ambucycle – Illustration (photo credit: Shira Hershkop)

An anxious man was hovering next to his friend, a man in his early twenties who was sprawled on the ground. Moshe checked the patient and discovered that the young man was actually not breathing and pulseless. Without a second to spare, Moshe clasped his hands together in the familiar position for CPR and began chest compressions. He continued performing compressions, single-handedly keeping the man alive, until additional United Hatzalah volunteers arrived to assist.


A defibrillator was attached and several shocks were delivered. Twenty minutes of intense toil passed before an intensive care crew joined the resuscitation effort. The EMS personnel worked together as a team in a determined battle for this young man’s life. Apparently, the man had been healthy and his sudden collapse came as a huge shock to his friend. After seven shocks and one hour of CPR, the first responders finally managed to regain a steady pulse and viable blood pressure. Moshe assisted in getting the man onto a stretcher and the patient was whisked off to the hospital in serious condition for further emergency treatment.


Moshe was pleased to be updated that the individual survived and is recovering. Starting CPR so close to the cardiac arrest was the most crucial factor in saving his life. There is no doubt that without Moshe, this man would not be alive today. 


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