Bezalel Sebag lives with his family in Rehovot and works for Elbit Systems. Bezalel is a very devoted volunteer EMT with United Hatzalah and is always ready to respond to any medical emergency at a moment’s notice.

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Betzalel (Middle) on an ambulance shift with other United Hatzalah volunteersRecently one Tuesday morning, a speeding tractor-trailer collided with a car just outside of Rehovot. Witnesses urgently called for help. Bezalel, who was at work when the call came in, quickly dashed outside and raced to the scene.

Despite the truck being significantly larger, the impact was so powerful that the trailer section had partially overturned. The smaller vehicle fared much worse and was almost completely demolished. Bezalel was faced with a grisly sight. The car driver, a 40-year-old male, sustained a horrific head wound and his left leg was crushed under the engine and was bleeding profusely. Without immediate treatment, the driver would have surely died.

Bezalel grabbed his medical kit, reached through the mangled car and began treatment. He quickly applied a tourniquet to the victim’s leg to stop the heavy bleeding and then bandaged the head wound. Other United Hatzalah volunteer EMTs arrived and they assisted Bezalel in applying a neck brace, starting an IV and administering high flow oxygen.

 It took 40 minutes for the fire department to extricate the trapped driver, and during those minutes that felt like an eternity, Bezalel and his colleagues used every tool at their disposal to keep the victim alive. After the firefighters successfully extricated the driver, Betzalel and his fellow EMS personnel carefully and quickly transferred the victim to a waiting ambulance to be rushed to the nearest trauma center.

 This accident could have claimed a man’s life. Bezalel’s prompt and expert treatment made all the difference.


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